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Human Resource

CEO and Executive recruitment

Locations has been in business for more than 5 years and has specialized in chief executive, board member and senior-level management search assignments for a wide variety of clients, including multinational corporations, mid-cap and startup companies, nonprofit entities, educational institutions, foundations, associations and governmental units. Today we serve our clients in a broader leadership advisory role, offering complementary services including executive assessment, coaching and professional development to senior management teams. We know having the right people in the right positions is what makes a company succeed.  Our consultants possess in-depth knowledge of our clients  industries and can help to maximize the value of leadership capital by creating and implementing structures and processes to support the management of an organization’s most important asset “people. We stay current on industry trends and can offer current advice on recruiting processes, leadership evolution and competitive compensation packages. We offer clients a fact-based approach to the acquisition, assessment and development of leadership teams based on rigorous analytics and a proven methodology. Our team is skilled at mediation and negotiation Locations thrives on bringing the best executive talent, expediently, to both mature and emerging companies, clients so that they can maintain their competitive edge.

There is a shortage of intelligent, sophisticated, proactive people who are experienced in the field, literate, globally astute and operationally agile.  We focus on relationship building and the development of partnerships with our clients. We also work with major companies the human capital of an organization and their portfolios all over the country either moving in new directions or redefining themselves we are able to specialize in the critical executive level.  Those with whom we are aligned are aware that they will maintain a competitive edge by training and recruiting intelligent, sophisticated, proactive people who are technically sound, globally astute and operationally agile.

We insist on talented leaders as our goal is to move forward. We find key executives who can blend easily into the client's corporate culture with similar values, operational behaviors, and who maintain positive attitudes. Our candidates possess credentials and have a history of steady accomplishments. They are hands on, close to the action, have presence, and the ability to develop creative solutions with timely bottom line results. We offer board director education, board review, leadership and executive assessments, and succession management consulting. Our strategy is based on core business practices. We establish goals and timelines and we ensure to minimize time-to-placement, and maximize our productivity on surfacing screened top tier talent.

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