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Feng Shui Landscape



When there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person.

When there is beauty in the person, there is harmony in   the home.

When there is harmony in the home, there is honor in the nation.

When there is honor in the nation, there is peace in the Home and is not a mere transient shelter; its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it.

Feng Shui is a science


Feng Shui, literary means wind and water, is an ancient Chinese study of natural environmental effects on people. Feng Shui uses observation, repeatable calculations and methodologies, which is squarely rooted in physics, metaphysics, astronomy, architecture and design. Based on the year of birth, the movements of the solar system and the macro and micro environments, Feng Shui can determine our positive and negative location in any environment, which can be our living space, our business premises or any place where we are at. Feng Shui practice can assist us in creating a supportive environment to enrich our life.


Living at the right place


The combination of street ways, landscape, buildings, materials, light, colors, room partitions, furnishing, and other dynamic aspects of our macro & micro environment all have effects on our mental and physical energy. Feng Shui guides us in seeking out naturally nourishing site conditions where we can live so as to accumulate the positive energy to induce beneficial effects in different aspects of our lives. Knowledge of the five elements, balance of yin and yang, and sincere application of Feng Shui solutions, our Feng Shui housing practice indeed creates beauty & harmony in the modern concrete jungles and sprawling suburbs. The essence of energy upgrading can be touched right after or may manifest over a period of time as we can expect.


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