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Precious Stones & Metals

Location’s is the single prevailing destination to connect with an active community and collaborate, manage and share company intelligence. By leveling the playing field, Locations prepares users to compete smarter, accelerate sales prospecting and partnering and identify revenue opportunities faster than ever before. Our core users are professionals--including analysts, investors, sales representatives, business owners and recruiters from small to midsize companies--who need easy access to this kind of information.


We have identified a fast-growing niche in the market to act as facilitators between the needs of the developed world and the supplying capability of the developing world, with the core focus on the supplying of natural resource. It is our focus to deal directly with the Buyers and Sellers and give ample recognition and surety to the introducers, facilitators and mandate holders. We not only make it our work to identify the credible players in the market but also to identify those characters that do not serve the interest of this industry and undermine its value. Our strength is to access resources from the network we have from various continent and link it to international markets and our aim is to offer you a risk-free entry into the market by operating on a results-only basis. We predominately facilitate the sale of precious and semi precious stones, gold, metals and other industrial based commodities

Precious metals have recaptured the forefront of investor’s minds with their strong appreciation in recent years. Here's your chance to learn more about investing in gold and other precious metals. I'm not an investment adviser, and none of my opinions here should be construed in any way as investment advice.  I hope you find the information presented here as valuable and interesting.  However any investments that you make should be done on the basis of your own research and not on the basis of any of my comments and personal opinions presented here. Talk to your broker or other investment advisor for further information. I expect to be adding more information here in the future.


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