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General Trading

We are suppliers for the following in bulk and retail.

1. Endless pools:    is also called a "Treadmill for Swimmers." 

Swimming against the current is not only a very pleasant form of  exercise; it also provides a concentrated workout, without the need for turning and pushing off. Endless Pool current is adjustable to any ability and level of fitness from the beginner to advance swimmers.....LOG IN FOR MORE..

2. Earth smell products:   
 Lamps, bath salts, and bio-cleaning material:  Earth Smell Salt Crystal Lamps naturally neutralize the positive ions generated by electrical devices.The daily air we breathe in is composed of positive charge molecules and negative charge molecules known as positive ions and negative ions respectively. Ironically the environment we live has positive ions in plenty and this makes it more polluted, the positive ions are emitted by television transmitters and sets, computers and cigarettes making the environment miasmic to live in. to have a balance of ions in the environment all that we need is to have negative ions in an equal proportion... LOG IN FOR MORE....

3. Coco peat :   

Coco peat is also known as coir pith which is basically made from   coconut husk which is used for horticultural and agricultural applications as industrial absorbent. It has an organic amendment in golf greens and sports fields helps conserve water and reduce nutrient runoff, providing sand suppliers and constructors the opportunity to build better playing fields that benefits the entire community around these large projects... LOG IN FOR MORE...

4. Cerback : 

Cerback is used for all kind of wielding processes for almost all metals, especially for one side welding processes such as SMAW, FMAW, GMAW, SAW, CO2, TIG, MIG etc.  By using Cerback  strips, welding cost is saved approx 50 to 60% whereas welding time is saved by 50% and the results are 100%  radiographic welding. By using backing strips & tapes  no back chipping, back grinding or gouging, job turn around required, or purging required..Weld back up tape consists various profiles of non porous ceramic tiles for BUTT welding, Fillet welding etc.  ...LOG IN FOR MORE....

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