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Finance & Banking
In Dubai the investment opportunities available are varied and numerous. Unfortunately, so are the numbers of investment vehicles with little or no possibility of making money for anyone other than the promoters. Some investment programs begin legitimate then turn sour. Usually the idea was dubious and the management inept. Many failed investment programs, however, turn out to be frauds.

Well said phrase-The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool. by Stephen king. Most of the Individuals in positions of trust are generally unwilling to sacrifice their high-life style, and willing to sacrifice their  moral ethics for easy money. When they get into financial trouble the easiest thing to get out of it without thinking is using their investors' funds for personal use, which has been seen in the middle east. Some others, however, start out to be swindlers and are excellent at it. It is hard  to judge and one can never tell by their appearances or by their profile in which they appear and they would do their best  to get at one thing which is your money. They promise or guarantee whatever it takes to persuade you to part with your money: They promise low risk and large profits in a short time. They promise the advantage of inside tips and information not available to less enlightened investors besides there is always the urgency, the high-pressure too "act now" or lose out.

If an investment is good today it will be good tomorrow. Don't be rushed. It is better to lose an opportunity now, than lose your money later. The only safe way to double your money, is take the advice of Will Rodgers, "Fold your money over once and put it in your pocket."
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