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LOCATIONS  is a private company and Locations group of companies is a subsidiary of it that branches into Research and Development, Real estate and investments, Asset developers, General trading, Construction, Broadcast and media.


The company has over sixteen years of experience in Real Estate, ten years in Research and Development, six years in international trade.  We work hard to find the right businesses to respond to the needs of our clients.
Our Company seeks to acquire and hold real property and passive investment products to provide capital growth and current income for its members. All property holdings are Member-managed.

Properties considered for investment are free hold and lease hold land, single-family homes, condos / town houses, multi-family properties, and commercial properties.  In the process of acquiring, managing, and disposing of real property, the information contained within the links at right have proven helpful.

LOCATIONS  seeks to provide information to prospective  investors and shares valuable lessons learned. LOCATIONS provides the links herein for information purposes only and does not endorse either the authors or content of these sites.

Locations LLC, established and started commencing its operations in 2004, is one of the leading and most respected research and development companies in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Located in Dubai, the Company offers new, innovative client services in all areas of research, development and real estate. Forging ahead in the industry and moving out in front of its competitors, Locations LLC gives opportunities to investors coming into the country by doing all the research and providing them with study results.

The Company employs a staff strength of 10 skilled excecutives and dedicated professionals who in collaboration with each other oversee, manage, market and facilitate all business and research activities. The Company, presently, reports annual turnover of AED 1 million as profits.

As the founder and owner of Locations LLC, Dr. Jerry Raji serves in the position of chairwoman and Managing Director. Setting the style, agenda and tone of day-to-day business operations with a focus on enhancing overall business productivity and on maximizing shareholder value, she is responsible for mapping out the Company’s business for the future and making sure ‘good’ people are hired and rewarded. A broad expanse of business and professional experience and qualifications enables Dr. Jerry Raji to effectively handle her divergent management duties.


Her impressive employment portfolio includes the position of manager for Marine safely,  Saleh Constructions and Venice Real Estate as well as Marie Claire. Ms Jerry Raji has held various senior positions within the highly competitive UAE and   real estate industries, working for nearly 10 years. The combined strength of professional ethics and abilities makes Ms Jerry Raji one of the most knowledgeable, and trusted business woman in business and the real estate industry, and has been a force in the expanded operations into other lucrative markets and identified early opportunities in key locations. With a hand in all facets of the Company, she oversees financial and new business opportunities, whilst managing a staff of eight direct reports. Multi-faceted and a professional on the leading edge, Dr. Jerry Raji also has a construction company and has recently planned to open a clinic. Following a constant policy of organized expansion, she also wants to eventually start her own luxury “5-Star” hotel as well as hotel apartments.



" Locations Research and development" mainly brings in a lot of their clientele who are big investors in hotels and commercial property in other parts of the world, encouraging them invest in the region here, be it investing in  property or opening a sister company here or investing in the current market of trading, factories and shipping, after providing  full detailed feasibility study of the benefits, pros and cons of investing in the region.


"Locations LLC" which is a mainly deals in Real estate and bring foreign investors to the region to invest in the real estate, provides sincere, unbiased information to global investors and help them to make appropriate investments in real estate.

She quotes :Property investment is no longer the preserve of just the wealthy and at  Locations we firmly believe that everyone with the means to do so, should be considering consolidating their future now with an astute and well planned investment programme. Indeed, a number of Locations loyal clients have built up impressive property portfolios over the years. Although for some, the Dubai market is still viable, without doubt the best value is to be found abroad.  Dubai is a booming market for Real estate and is a big place and   Locations is to make the process easy for it's customers when selecting the appropriate option tailored to the specific requirements of the individual

Property has undoubtedly been the cornerstone of wealth-accumulation for many business people But it is worth remembering that it has also in the past been the rock on which much wealth has been lost, through ill-advised or rash investment. More than ever before, success in this sector requires professional investment management.  Ms Jerry Raji is ideally poised to assist investors not alone to source but also to manage a portfolio of investments, both in Dubai and overseas.



"Locations general trading and contracting" mostly trades in the construction materials in the ongoing real estate booming market.


"Locations broadcast and media" is a recently opened company that mainly deals in commercial advertising of the growth of the region, clientele investments, and small television programs besides doing certain projects for the BBC, MBC and other media groups.


Locations owner Ms Dr. Jerry Raji known as Jerry Raji which she prefers being addressed as and her co-founders have amassed between them over 12 year’s of industry experience. All of the company's advisors are well-established residents whose expertise in their own fields which includes law, finance, engineering, marketing and human resources. The Location’s team of experts is attuned to every nuance of the real estate market, therefore better able to anticipate and act on opportunities.


Madison Who’s Who is  the first to congratulate Dr. Raji on this achievement by notifying her peers that Dr. Jerry Raji has in fact reached a level of recognizable success in the Real Estate industry. Successfully withstanding tremendous business challenges, she entered the real estate business because of the opportunities she could see and imagine worth venturing into and knowing the real estate was definitely a young and  booming  business in the region and her dreams of owning a holiday resorts and her desire to always wanting to have her own company mainly  dealing and working with property .

Working with her high performance team, she is responsible for developing new business processes and procedural protocols and services and cultivating new business opportunities

JR Holding and Locations group of companies strive to adopt innovative approaches and offer our clients a professional service. After thoroughly researching the real estate market in cities that will experience massive growth, we identify key projects which are good investment opportunities, partner with the developers / real estate agents selling these projects, and we help individuals and organizations from all over the world to invest in these projects.


Ms Jerry Raji plays a pivotal role in the implementation of business strategy and in championing change agendas across the company and industry to enhance operational competitiveness amongst competitors. Leading the Company to new and higher levels of achievement in every facet of business, she promotes a culture and governance which upholds the highest possible autarky, flexibility, quality and transparency in all business transactions.

Securing an enviable reputation with a proven track record, Ms Jerry Raji’s business area strategies are geared to achieve stable and sustainable long-term income growth, a higher quality of service, maximum cost efficiencies and greater risk assessment capabilities.

Her solid performance across the industry has contributed to her ability to create an unrivalled ability to meet customer needs. Committed to continue building and forging a strong team of professionals dedicated to the Company and its clientele,  Ms Jerry Raji’s success is attributed to keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground, having an open and flexible approach to the needs of clients, dealing and bringing highly qualified people into the Company and her belief in looking to and planning for the future, extending JR holdings and Locations group of companies  reach and maintain a reputation, she expects to grow as a company in the UAE, regionally and internationally.


Ms Jerry Raji in particular has the community insights and contacts of prominent well established business people. She has been a leading figure in the UAE business and property market for the past 11 years and is the driving force behind Locations LLC. 

Our business is service and our desire is to offer our clients a boutique approach to real estate. All of our agents are dedicated to providing superior individualized service that can only be provided by a small local company. Through trusted advice, we concentrate on providing highly personalized and professional client services to make every customer feel truly comfortable dealing in a home setting environment.